"I am always on the lookout for creams as my skin is very very dry and sensitive due to Erythodermic Psoriasis. Nourish is one of the few brands I am thrilled to slap onto my skin in generous quantities. Loving it. Looking forward to more amazing products by V Philosophy." - Eugenie Chan

"I love Nourish Relax series after the trial session. My 14 years old daughter and myself have sensitive skin. Both of us are using these Nourish Relax series. Like all mother who has teenage daughter, I used to search around for a good skin care product that suits her young skin. After the trial session, I am convinced these Organic Skin Care product is the right product for her. " - Alynn

"Aside from its invigorating smell, I love how gentle it is on my skin & it has very light suds. The Protect range Body Shower Gel is definitely a keeper!" - Ee Lin

"The argan range has definitely improved the moisture of my skin and I like the natural organic fragrance that is not too overpowering. " - Divya

"My skin is softer, smoother and hydrated after using the Radiance peptide serum. Sometimes I don't get much sleep and this definitely banishes dullness and keeps my skin radiant. " - Eric-

"With a resounding yes, I am sure to buy the Balance shower gel again!My skin feels more hydrated even without applying moisturising lotion." - Henri

"The Balance moisturiser is the best product I've used so far! Definitely has helped balance my combination skin. " - Nishalini

"I have been using the Kale exfoliating cleanser for 2 months. It’s refreshing after using the products. Love the after mask effect and smell." - Jadelyn

"After using Argan Skin Renew for only 2 weeks I noticed a real difference in the firmness of my skin. My skin looks much tighter, younger and more luminous. I have used much more expensive products in the past which have not had such a noticeable effect. I will definitely continue to use this product, I wouldn’t be without it." - Anonymous

"I like the Argan Skin Renew, it gives u instant moisture feel, leaves your skin feeling really soothed and hydrated. The beauty of this product is it's 100% organic! Try this product and you can feel the difference!" - Jessica

"I always refuse to use any cream or moisturizer on my face as my skin is really sensitive. If I use any products that aren't suitable for me, my face will become red and inflamed. I always wanted to buy a good moisturizer for myself as my skin is very dry. I was told that Nourish is 100% natural and is suitable for sensitive skin. The price of the product is also acceptable. So, I just give it a try. Surprisingly, it suits my skin so well and it absorbs really fast. After two weeks of using Radiance Moisturizer, my skin turns softer and the acne scars also lightened up. I am so happy with it as the people surrounding me also notice the difference on my face! Worth to try! " - Choong

""I particularly love the calming scent of the Nourish Relax Skin Range. It makes me feel relaxed after using them. The Nourish Relax Hydrating Peptide Serum is so light and soothing, it makes my skin feel so fresh after using it.'" - Veun, KL

"I have dry/combination skin and I use the Argan Skin Rescue as part of my night skin care routine. I'm surprised by how well it absorbs into my skin, and I wake in the morning with soft, dewy skin. I will definitely be purchasing again!" - Ying Yi


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