How it all started?

Back in 2012 I suffered from a bad sensitive skin reaction whereby I developed red, itchy rashes on my face which persisted for a few months. I became extremely self-conscious and it affected my self-confidence. The few dermatologists I visited all prescribed the usual steroid cream and antihistamine. As a pharmacist, I am well aware that these medications only relieve the symptoms but do not treat the underlying problems. My rashes returned soon after the course of medication. My skin became more reactive to my usual skincare products. Feeling annoyed, I started researching on all the skincare products I used to find any culprit ingredients that caused the bad reaction. I soon discovered that there are many toxic and harmful ingredients with some in high concentrations being used in the products that could have contributed to my skin problem. Hence I made a conscious decision to change to natural skincare.

My skin condition gradually improved after switching to natural and organic skincare coupled with my Chinese herbal medicine therapy. From then on, I never looked back on the mainstream skincare I used to use. In addition, I understand that beauty is not only about healthy eating, but also the skincare we use and our overall well-being. Our outer beauty is a reflection of our inner health.

Through my research, I realized there aren’t many natural and organic skincare products that are suited to my needs. Lo and behold, many leading natural skincare companies in the market are making misleading claims! This inspired me to bring in honest and clean skincare products to Malaysia and share the goodness of these products. Hence led to the birth of V Philosophy.

What is V Philosophy?

V Philosophy is an online skincare boutique specializing in emerging niche natural and organic skincare brands. At the heart of V Philosophy, we believe in clean skincare and we avoid harmful and toxic chemicals. With that in mind, we handpick high quality and effective products that are safe for use by the entire family.

At V Philosophy, we believe that beauty is wellness. Your outer beauty is linked to your inner health. You will find what is good for the body is good for the skin. Likewise, what goes onto the skin penetrates into the body. The products that we sell are packed with healthy and nourishing ingredients to support your beauty and wellbeing. Being committed, we are constantly on the lookout for products that satisfy our strict criteria. Our vision is to bring high quality and clean skincare products that you can trust into every home.

It’s time for you to take care of your skin and make a conscious switch to clean, natural skincare.

Do drop me a message, I would love to hear from you. Whether it’s about your order, your experience with our products or anything that you would like to share!

It is my greatest hope that you would love the products as much as I do.





We want to take care of you.


We source for and handpick high quality and effective products that are safe for use by everyone in the household.


We are always looking for trustworthy products that satisfy our strict criteria because those little gems are worth it!


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